Graduate Faculty

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Tenured and Tenure Track
Name Email Location & Phone
 Giovanni Baiocchi Baiocchi, Giovanni
Associate Professor LeFrak 1133
(301) 405-2342
Leila De Floriani De Floriani, Leila
Professor 1169 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-6584
Ralph Dubayah Dubayah, Ralph
Professor, Associate Chair 1149 Lefrak Hall
(301) 405-4069
Martha E. Geores Geores, Martha
Associate Professor 2181F Lefrak Hall
(301) 405-4064
Matthew C. Hansen Hansen, Matthew C.
Professor 4321 Hartwick Road Suite 400
(301) 405-2284
Klaus Hubacek Hubacek, Klaus
Professor LeFrak 1127
(301) 405-4567
George Hurtt Hurtt, George
Professor & Research Director 1149 LeFrak
(301) 405-8541
Chris Justice Justice, Christopher
Professor & Dept. Chairman 2181A LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-1600
Eric S. Kasischke Kasischke, Eric S.
Professor 1138 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-2179
Shunlin Liang Liang, Shunlin
Professor 2181G LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-4556
Tatiana V. Loboda Loboda, Tatiana V.
Associate Professor 1121 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-8891
Grant McKenzie McKenzie, Grant
Assistant Professor 1129 LeFrak Hall
Christina Prell Prell, Christina
Associate Professor in Geographical Sciences (304) 405-9369
Julie A. Silva Silva, Julie A.
Associate Professor 1119 Lefrak Hall
(301) 405-4052
Kathleen Stewart Stewart, Kathleen
Professor, Director of CGIS 1125 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-3203
Laixiang Sun Sun, Laixiang
Professor, Graduate Director Room 2181G LeFrak
(301) 405-8131
Research Professors
Name Email Location & Phone
John Armston Armston, John
Assistant Research Professor 1150 Lefrak Hall
(202) 656-4676
Inbal Becker-Reshef Becker-Reshef, Inbal
Associate Research Professor, Co-Director Center for Global Agricultural Monitoring Research Suite 410 Hartwick
Brown, Molly
Research Professor LeFrak Hall
(703) 855-6190
Jan Dempewolf Dempewolf, Jan
Assistant Research Professor 410 E Hartwick Building
(301) 405-3074
Belen Franch Franch, Belen
Associate Research Professor 4321 Hartwick Rd., Suite 400 Office 424, College Park 20740, MD
Louis Giglio Giglio, Louis
Research Professor Hartwick 410
(301) 405-0064
Chengquan Huang Huang, Chengquan
Research Professor 1165 LeFrak Hall
(301) 314-2585
Roberto Cesar Izaurralde Izaurralde, Roberto Cesar
Research Professor (301) 467-1808
Mengxue Li Li, Mengxue
Research Associate Professor and Principal Dean for International Affairs, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, UMD 1117C Chincoteague Building
(301) 405-5361
Janet Nackoney Nackoney, Janet
Associate Research Professor 4321 Hartwick Rd., Suite 400
(301) 405-8895
Peter Potapov Potapov, Peter V.
Research Associate Professor 410C Hartwick Building
(301) 405-2129
Ritvik Sahajpal Sahajpal, Ritvik
Assistant Research Professor 3972 Campus Dr College Park
(240) 758-3925
Sedano, Fernando
Associate Research Professor
Joseph Owen Sexton Sexton, Joseph Owen
Associate Research Professor (301) 405-8165
John R. Townshend Townshend, John R.
Research Professor/Emeritus Professor 4321 Hartwick Road, Room 409
(301) 405-4548
Dongdong Wang Wang, Dongdong
Associate Research Professor
2181 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-4538
Adjunct Professors
Name Email Location & Phone
G. James Collatz Collatz, G. James
Adjunct Professor NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
(301) 614-6651
Ivan Csiszar Csiszar, Ivan
Adjunct Professor NOAA/NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and Research
(301) 683-3583
Gunther Fischer Fischer, Gunther
Adjunct Professor, Head of Land Use Change/Agriculture Program at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Scott J. Goetz Goetz, Scott J.
Adjunct Associate Professor
W. Dean Hively Hively, Dean
Physical Scientist Bldg 007 Rm 205A BARC-W, Beltsville
(301) 504-9031
Kenney, Melissa
Affiliate Associate Research Professor, Environmental Decision Science ESSIC, 5825 University Research Ct, Room #4051, College Park, MD 20740
(301) 405-3226
Douglas Morton Morton, Douglas
Adjunct Assistant Professor NASA GSFC, Bldg. 33, Room G424
(301) 614-6688
photo of richard moss Moss, Richard
Adjunct Professor (301) 314-6711
Compton J. Tucker Tucker, Compton J.
Adjunct Professor, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Off campus
(301) 614-6644
Krishna Vadrevu Vadrevu, Krishna
Adjunct Associate Professor, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 4321 Hartwick Road, Suite 400, College Park, Maryland, 20740
(256) 321-9492
Eric F. Vermote Vermote, Eric F.
Adjunct Professor, NASA (301) 405-8052
Emeritus Professors
Name Email Location & Phone
Samuel N. Goward Goward, Samuel N.
Research Professor/Emeritus Professor 1115 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-2770
Stephen D. Prince Prince, Stephen D.
Professor Emeritus Rm. 1115, LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-4050
Name Email Location & Phone
Joy Adams in front of AU's Bender Library Adams, Joy
Lecturer Online
(202) 885-6165
Burtch, Nathan
Naijun Zhou Zhou, Naijun
Lecturer 1159 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-4063
Post Doctoral Associates
Name Email Location & Phone
Riccardo Fellegara Fellegara, Riccardo
Post-Doctoral Associate 1124 Lefrak Hall, 7251 Preinkert Dr., College Park, MD 20742
Faculty Specialists
Name Email Location & Phone
Okpa Chima Okpa, Chima
Faculty Specialist 4321 Hartwick Building
Visiting Scientists
Name Email Location & Phone
(240) 413-4063