Faculty Specialists

* denotes Graduate Faculty
Faculty Specialists
Name Email Location & Phone
Bernard Adusei Adusei, Bernard
Faculty Specialist
badusei@umd.edu 4th Floor Hartwick Building, 4321 Hartwick Road, College Park
(301) 405-2140
Alice Altstatt Altstatt, Alice
Project Manager UMD-CARPE (Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment), Principal Faculty Specialist
aaltstat@umd.edu Suite 401, 4321 Hartwick Rd., College Park
(301) 405-6170
Brian Barker Barker, Brian
Senior Faculty Specialist
bbarker1@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Road, Suite 400
(301) 405-9845
Bergery, Kristen
Senior Faculty Specialist
kbergery@umd.edu 2119 LeFrak Hall
(301) 314-1883
Alona Bunning Bunning, Alona
Communications Coordinator, Food Security and Agriculture Consortium
abunning@umd.edu 4th Floor Hartwick Building, 4321 Hartwick Road, College Park
(240) 505-0880
Saurabh Channan Channan, Saurabh
GLCF: Project Manager
schannan@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Building
(301) 405-2135
Charlene M. DiMiceli DiMiceli, Charlene M.
Scientific Programmer
cdimicel@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick, Room 403
(301) 405-9410
Gallagher, Shannon sgallag2@umd.edu 2120 LeFrak Hall
(301) 314-1108
Maddie Guy Guy, Maddie
Faculty Specialist
mguy1@umd.edu 1149A LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-3687
Michael Humber Humber, Michael
Senior Faculty Specialist
mhumber@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Road, Rm. 425
(301) 314-0471
Erin Jacobs Jacobs, Erin
Faculty Assistant-MPS & Undergraduate Advising
ekjacobs@umd.edu 2181 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-4050
C Justice Jr Justice, Christina
Senior Faculty Specialist
justicec@umd.edu Hartwick 4th Floor
Maureen Kelly Kelly, Maureen
Faculty Specialist
mkelly17@umd.edu Hartwick Building, Rm. 418
(301) 405-2140
John Keniston Keniston, John
Faculty Specialist
keniston@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Rd., Rm. 426
Kommareddy Kommareddy, Indrani
Faculty Research Assistant
indrani@umd.edu Hartwick Building
Li, Xia
Faculty Specialist
David Minor Minor, David
Faculty Specialist
minord@umd.edu 1150A LeFrak Hall
Mary Mitkish Mitkish, Mary
Faculty Specialist
mmitkish@umd.edu 2181A Lefrak Hall
(301) 405-8085
Emilie Murphy Murphy, Emilie
Senior Faculty Specialist
emilie.murphy@nasa.gov NASA GSFC - Code 619 - Bldg 32/Room N148A
(301) 614-5846
 Jacob Noel Noel, Jacob
Remote Sensing Scientist
janoel03@gmail.com 4321 Hartwick Rd Suite 410
Jack O'Bannon O'Bannon, Jack
Senior Faculty Specialist
jobannon@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Rd. Suite 400
(301) 405-8905
Okpa Chima Okpa, Chima*
Faculty Specialist
cokpa@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Building
Amy Pickens Pickens, Amy
Faculty Specialist
ahudson2@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Building
Jeff Pickering Pickering, Jeff
Faculty Specialist
jeffreyp@umd.edu Suite 400, Hartwick Building
(202) 469-0647
Estefania Puricelli Puricelli, Estefania
Faculty Specialist
Ashwan Reddy Reddy, Ashwan
Faculty Research Assistant
Antonio Sanchez Sanchez, Antonio
Faculty Specialist
asgalve@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Road, Suite 400
Robert Sohlberg Sohlberg, Robert
Principal Faculty Specialist
sohlberg@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Road, Suite 400, College Park, MD 20740
(301) 405-4292
Mark Brandon Sullivan Sullivan, Mark Brandon
Faculty Research Assistant
msulliva@umd.edu 310 Hartwick Building
(301) 403-8193
Will Walsh Walsh, Will
Faculty Research Assistant
wwalsh@umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Road, 4th floor
(301) 405-8052