Faculty Specialists
Name Email Location & Phone
Headshot by Tom Bacho Adegbenro, Michael
Faculty Specialist
madegben [at] umd.edu
Bernard Adusei Adusei, Bernard
Faculty Specialist
badusei [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 368 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
(301) 405-2140
Fernanda Argueta Profile Picture Argueta, Fernanda fargueta [at] umd.edu
Brian Barker Barker, Brian
Senior Faculty Specialist
bbarker1 [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 303 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
(301) 405-9845
Eddy Bongwele Bongwele, Eddy
Faculty Specialist
ebongwel [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 358E3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Lucinda Botlero Botlero, Lucinda
Sr. Faculty Specialist/Project Manager
lbotlero [at] umd.edu 2181L LeFrak Hall
Photo of Ms Devereux against a backdrop with green vines Devereux, Taryn
Senior Faculty Specialist
taryndev [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 309D1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
UM Globe Duncan, Erik
Faculty Specialist
ecduncan [at] umd.edu
Image of Jaemin Eun Eun, Jaemin
Faculty Specialist
jeun [at] terpmail.umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 347 D-3
IdPic Haynes, Keelin
Communications Coordinator
haynesk [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 309C3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
andresh Hernandez-Serna, Andres
Senior Faculty Specialist
andreshs [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 366 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Erin Jacobs Jacobs, Erin
Faculty Specialist
ekjacobs [at] umd.edu 1151 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-6052
C_Justice Justice, Christina
Senior Faculty Specialist
justicec [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 309D2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
John Keniston Keniston, John
Senior Faculty Specialist
keniston [at] umd.edu 4600 River Rd, Suite 371 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Kommareddy Kommareddy, Indrani
Senior Faculty Specialist
indrani [at] umd.edu
Profile Picture Kuei, Chin-yun
Faculty Specialist
ckuei [at] umd.edu
profile picture Leitold, Veronika
Faculty Specialist
vleitold [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 347A2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
profilepics Lola Amani, Patrick
Remote Sensing Scientist
pamani [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 366 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Marroquin Marroquin, Byron A.
Faculty Specialist
bmarroqu [at] umd.edu 1149a Samuel J. LeFrak Hall
Faculty Specialist MAZINGA, Andre
Faculty Specialist
amazinga [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 358D1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
David Minor Minor, David
Senior Faculty Specialist
minord [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 347B3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Headshot of Catherine Miranda smiling Miranda, Catherine
Outreach Coordinator
cmirand2 [at] umd.edu 2181B LeFrak Hall
Mary Mitkish headshot Mitkish, Mary
Senior Faculty Specialist
mmitkish [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 309C2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
(301) 405-4050
Kara Mobley Mobley, Kara
Faculty Specialist
kmobley [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 309D3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Valeria Morales headshot Morales, Valeria
Faculty Specialist
vmorale2 [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 347H2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Picture of Blake Munshell. Blake is a white man with with blonde/brown hair, wearing a grey suit jacket and purple tie. He is sitting behind a desk with a laptop in front of him. Munshell, Blake
Faculty Specialist
bmunshel [at] umd.edu River Road 309B
Emilie Murphy Murphy, Emilie
Senior Faculty Specialist
emilie.murphy [at] nasa.gov NASA GSFC - Code 619 - Bldg 32/Room N148A
(301) 614-5846
Jeffrey Pickering Pickering, Jeffrey
Faculty Specialist
jeffreyp [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 358C4 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
APoulson_profilepic Poulson, Andrew
Faculty Specialist
apoulson [at] umd.edu 4600 River Rd
(301) 442-9860
Estefania Puricelli Puricelli, Estefania
Faculty Specialist
epuricel [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 373 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
William Rountree Rountree, William
Faculty Specialist
wrountre [at] umd.edu 4321 Hartwick Rd, Suite 400, College Park, MD 20740
Antonio Sanchez Sanchez, Antonio
Faculty Specialist
asgalve [at] umd.edu
Tali Schwelling Schwelling, Tali
Faculty Specialist
tschwell [at] umd.edu 4600 River Rd, Floor 3
the perp Sohlberg, Robert
Principal Faculty Specialist
sohlberg [at] umd.edu 4600 River Road, Suite 300, Riverdale, MD 20737
Ivan Picture Zvonkov, Ivan izvonkov [at] umd.edu