Wilfrid Schroeder received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in Meteorology and Environmental Engineering, respectively. In 2008 he received his PhD in Geography at the University of Maryland College Park. Dr. Schroeder's research is focused on the use of multi-spectral remote sensing techniques for biomass burning analyses. He has over 15 years of experience working with vegetation fires, land cover and land use change building on ground, airborne and spaceborne science data sets. Dr. Schroeder led the validation of the Fire and Thermal Anomalies product derived from the MODIS instruments aboard the NASA EOS Terra and Aqua Satellites, and is a Suomi-NPP/VIIRS science team member leading the development and validation of that sensor's Active Fire products. Dr. Schroeder is also a member of NOAA's GOES-R algorithm working group leading the validation of the active fire detection and characterization product for the next generation ABI sensor. His research spans the study of vegetation fires at local, regional and global scales. He has worked on several prescribed fires looking at the fire energetics and effects problem, while linking ground observations to airborne (manned/unmanned platforms) and spaceborne remote sensing data sets that feed into advanced fire behavior and biomass burning emissions models. Satellite fire data sets developed by Dr. Schroeder are applied in routine fire management and decision support systems serving thousands of users worldwide (e.g., U.S Forest Service Active Fire maps; South Africa's Advanced Fire Information System; Brazilian Fire Monitoring Program).

Areas of Interest

  • Remote Sensing of Active Fires
  • Biomass Burning Emissions Modeling
  • Land Cover & Land Use Change in Amazonia


  • Degree Type
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    Geography, Univ of Maryland, 2008
  • Degree Type
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    Environmental Engineering, Univ of Rio de Janeiro, 2001
  • Degree Type
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    Meteorology, Univ of Rio de Janeiro, 1998
Wilfrid Schroeder
4321 Hartwick Rd Suite 400 College Park, MD 20740
Department of Geographical Sciences
wschroed [at] umd.edu