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Areas of Interest

  • Development of remote sensing and advanced computing methods to integrate/fuse satellite sensor data and to map and characterize terrestrial change, the causes and consequences of land cover and land use change, and fire-climate-vegetation interactions.


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    Edinburgh University, Remote Sensing and Image Processing
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    Lancaster University, Geophysical Sciences
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    Cambridge University, Department of Geography, Remote Sensing
Teaching Philosophy
Amazing lectures and laboratories that challenge students with different capabilities to think about and participate in Remote Sensing and Earth System Science; come to SDSU GIScCE and enroll in my classes :-).

Do intellectually stimulating research that is also relevant to remote sensing and broader science and applied user community needs for monitoring and modelling anthroprogenic - terrestrial ecosystem - climate interactions.

To place my few available service eggs in the baskets that will most likely benefit from them.
David Paul Roy
Michigan State University: Manly Miles Building, 1405 S. Harrison Rd, Room 101, East Lansing, MI 48824
Department of Geographical Sciences
roydavi1 [at]