Dr. Fan is a postdoc associate at Center for Geospatial information science at University of Maryland. His research experiences cover various topics including spatiotemporal modeling and analysis of naturalistic driving behavior, big geospatial data mining on human activity and movement dynamics, geospatial semantics and smart city. 

He has been involved in research projects funded by  FDOT, MSHA, National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS), and DARPA. Dr. Fan has worked on formal modeling of naturalistic driving behavior, and developed software module that automatically extract parking behavior from driving trajectory. In addition, Dr. Fan also worked on developing formal ontological model and semantic reasoning engine that capture semantics of geographic context, based on which semantic reasoning engine can infer whereabouts from images about geographic scene.  He has won best paper award at International Symposium for Spatiotemporal Computation for his research on inferring spatial pattern of natural hazard using geospatial semantics extracted from big crowdsourced geographic data.

He has teaching experiences in topics like open source GIS, spatial database, web mapping, geospatial semantic data handling. 

Areas of Interest

  • Geospatial semantics, Spatial data mining, Human mobility and smart environment


  • PhD
  • MS
    Computer Science
  • MS
Course Name Course Title Semester Syllabus
GEOG473 Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis Spring 2018 Syllabus
GEOG788O Processing Geospatial Data Using Open Source Tools Winter 2018 Syllabus

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Junchuan Fan
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