Saurabh Channan

GLCF: Project Manager

During his undergrad Saurabh worked as a data analyst where he developed scripts in PERL to manage and process large volumes of geospatial data in a semi-automated manner. After graduating he took on the role of a software developer where he developed software in Java and web based application using Javascript, Java JSP, Beans and Servlets for the frontend coupled with a RDBMS (Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL) for the backend. Currently, Saurabh is the Project/IT Manager for the GLCF, where he is managing and leading multiple NASA funded projects and their IT infrastructure. He is a member of NASA’s Earth Science Data Systems Working Group and Earth Science Information Partners.

Areas of Interest:
  • BS Computer Science, UMBC, 2001
  • MS Information Systems, Johns Hopkins, 2004
Former Students
  • Saurabh Channan
4321 Hartwick Building
Department of Geographical Sciences
Phone: (301) 405-2135