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STAMP |Juan Ramon Jimenez Room 2208

Join us for a GEOG-BSOS seminar special edition on Nov. 6 from 10 a.m. to noon at STAMP and on Zoom. Assistant Professor Sheena Michele Mason from SUNY Oneonta will explore the intersection of human migration and DNA research, drawing from her upcoming book, "The Raceless Antiracist: Why Ending Race Is the Future of Antracism."

Through her work, Dr. Mason challenges conventional beliefs about the construct of "race" and invites attendees to examine their cultural upbringing. She presents findings from the Theory of Racelessness, a framework that redefines traditional notions of “race,” culture, and language.

This seminar offers an exploration of ideas surrounding “race,” human migration, and language. Dr. Mason's commitment to questioning the status quo makes this event essential for anyone dedicated to fostering an inclusive antiracist society. Don't miss this vital conversation on dismantling the concept of “race” for a more inclusive future without racism.

About the Speaker

Sheena Michele Mason earned her Ph.D. with distinction in English literature from Howard University. She specializes in African American, American, and Caribbean literature. In August 2021, she joined the faculty at SUNY Oneonta as an Assistant Professor in English. Her first book “Theory of Racelessness: A Case For Antirace(ism)” (May 2022), a textbook, presents the theory of racelessness, an analytical and teaching framework for understanding “race” and helping to stop the causes and effects of racism. It also presents a philosophy of race, culture, and ethnicity.

She argues in “The Raceless Antiracist: Why Ending Race Is the Future of Antiracism” (February 2024) that fighting racism by reifying the idea of "race" and operating within the practice of racialization is like trying to stop a flood by dousing it with water. To end racism, we must end the very idea of "race" itself, our practice of racialization, and, subsequently, the attending power imbalances that are part and parcel of race/ism.

Inspired by her theory, she co-founded Theory of Racelessness, an educational firm that helps people use alternative philosophies of “race” and her theory to achieve truly antiracist outcomes. The theory of racelessness helps more people undo racism by undoing their belief in “race,” sharpening their understanding of racialization, and being more clear-eyed about power imbalances (part and parcel of both the belief in “race” and practice of racialization).

Special thanks to GEOG Ph.D. student Robyn Gausman-Burnett for bringing Dr. Mason to campus.

This event is co-sponsored by the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

For disabilities accommodations, please contact Renata Johnson at rejohns [at] umd.edu.

Photo courtesy of Sheena Michele Mason

Headshot of Sheena Michele Mason