Courses Offered in Spring 2017

GEOG331: Introduction to Human Dimensions of Global Change
Introduction to global-scale interrelationship between human beings and the environment. The development of global issues including but not limited to the environment, food, energy, technology, population, and policy.
Spring 2017 Instructor: Laixiang Sun Co-Instructor: Ana Sanchez-Rivera View Syllabus
GEOG372: Remote Sensing
Principles of remote sensing in relation to photographic, thermal infrared and radar imaging. Methods of obtaining quantitative information from remotely-sensed images. Interpretation of remotely-sensed images emphasizing the study of spatial and environmental relationships. (Technical)
Spring 2017 Instructor: Belen Franch Co-Instructor: Patricia Oliva View Syllabus
GEOG657: Web Programming
Intermediate course designed to teach students the techniques for Web development, particularly creating dynamic and data-driven Web applications. Introduces a high-level, object-oriented programming language such as VB.Net and the designing, coding, debugging, testing, and documenting for the development of Web-based applications. Other popular Web development tools such as DHTML, CSS and PHP are also covered.
Spring 2017 Instructor: Eunjung Elle Lim View Syllabus