Courses Offered in Spring 2014

GEOG417: Land Cover Characterization Using Multi-spectral, Multi-Temporal Remotely Sensed Data Sets
The course will be a lab practical. Students will be introduced to the image processing steps required for characterizing land cover extent and change. Key components of land cover characterization, including image interpretation, algorithm implementation, feature space selection, thematic output definition, and scripting will be discussed and implemented.
Spring 2014 Instructor: Matthew C. Hansen Co-Instructor: Peter V. Potapov
GEOG653: Spatial Analysis
Methods of spatial analysis including measuring aspects of geometric features and identifying spatial patterns of geospatial objects that are represented as point, line, network, areal data, and 3-D surfaces.
Spring 2014 Instructor: Jonathan Resop View Syllabus
GEOG657: Web Programming
Intermediate course designed to teach students the techniques for Web development, particularly creating dynamic and data-driven Web applications. Introduces a high-level, object-oriented programming language such as VB.Net and the designing, coding, debugging, testing, and documenting for the development of Web-based applications. Other popular Web development tools such as DHTML, CSS and PHP are also covered.
Spring 2014 Instructor: Eunjung Elle Lim