Courses Offered in Fall 2013

GEOG422: Changing Geographies of Subsaharan Africa
To develop an understanding of the geographic contexts of Sub-Saharan Africa, including an overview of the physical, bioclimatic, historical, cultural, political, demographic, health and economic geographies of Sub-Saharan Africa. Students will ‘fill in the map’ of Africa by studying the spatial distribution within each of these geographic domains. In addition to an overview of geography South of the Sahara, the Congo will be taken as a more intensive case study through additional readings, lectures and discussions. (Integrated Geography)
Fall 2013 Instructor: Matthew C. Hansen
This course covers how to create, test, and publish mobile GIS applications that work across multiple platforms (Android, iOS, and Black Berry Tablet OS) and adapt to a smartphone or tablet display.
Fall 2013 Instructor: Eunjung Elle Lim
GEOG654: GIS and Spatial Modeling
Provide foundations and understanding on various issues related to modeling and simulation in GIS context. It will addresses the concepts, tools, and techniques of GIS modeling, and presents modeling concepts and theory as well as provides opportunities for hands-on model design, construction, and application. The focus will be on raster-based modeling. This course is also application-orientated, particularly in these fields such as terrain modeling, LULC modeling, hydrological modeling, suitability modeling, etc.
Fall 2013 Instructor: Jonathan Resop View Syllabus