Since 2000, Internet has become the major GIS platform, and a majority of GIS applications are Internet or Web based. This course aims to introduce the development of Web-based systems to search and browse geographic data, and to explain the principals and methods necessary to develop such systems. To achieve this objective, multiple topics will be covered, which include Web design and development, HTML and JavaScript, ArcGIS server, Web services, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, ArcGIS online, and Google Map API. Students will form small groups and complete a course project of develop a Web GIS using ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Server.

Restriction: Open to GEOG, GIS, & ENSP-Coastal, Land Use, Global majors only.
Credits: 3
Grading Method: Regular

Course Offerings

    Fall 2017Instructor: Naijun ZhouView: Syllabus