GEOG413: Migration: Latin America and the United States

Develops an understanding of the push and pull factors that have contributed to human mobility (migration) that has transformed the Americas. The class is divided in two parts: immigration and emigration from Latin American and Latin America migration to the United States. We will be interested in studying the migration shifts that have occurred in Latin America and the theories that help explain them. The themes that will be addressed are the history of migration with Latin America and to North America, the impact of this migration on both sending and receiving countries, and the various policy strategies and issues concerning migration.
GEOG313; or permission of BSOS-Geography department. Recommended: HIST250; or USLT201; or LASC234. Credit only granted for: GEOG413, or GEOG498M. Formerly: GEOG498M.
Credits: 3
Grading Method: Regular
Course Offering
    Spring 2017 Instructor: Ronald W. Luna View Syllabus
    Spring 2018 Instructor: Ronald W. Luna View Syllabus