GEOG372: Remote Sensing

Principles of remote sensing in relation to photographic, thermal infrared and radar imaging. Methods of obtaining quantitative information from remotely-sensed images. Interpretation of remotely-sensed images emphasizing the study of spatial and environmental relationships. (Technical)
There is a $40.00 lab fee for this course.
Credits: 3
Grading Method: Regular
Course Offering
    Spring 2018 Instructor: Belen Franch Co-Instructor: Sergii Skakun View Syllabus
    Spring 2017 Instructor: Belen Franch View Syllabus
    Fall 2017 Instructor: Peter V. Potapov View Syllabus
    Spring 2015 Instructor: Tatiana V. Loboda
    Fall 2014 Instructor: Peter V. Potapov View Syllabus