GEOG211: Geography of Environmental Systems Laboratory

A laboratory course to accompany GEOG 201. Analysis of the components of the earth's energy balance using basic instrumentation; weather map interpretation; soil analysis; the application of map and air photo interpretation techniques to landform analysis.
Must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in GEOL120, GEOL100, or GEOG201. This is a 2 hr, 1 credit lab which parallels GEOG 201; Required for GEOG majors; optional for non-majors. Students must pay a $40.00 laboratory materials fee.
Credits: 1
Grading Method: Regular
Course Offering
    Fall 2016 Instructor: Amanda Hoffman-Hall Co-Instructor: Lei Ma View Syllabus
    Fall 2014 Instructor: Unlisted/TBD View Syllabus