The Joint Center on Global Change and Earth System Science of the University of Maryland and Beijing Normal University (BNU) is proudly being renewed thanks to the efforts of Dr. Laixiang Sun, Dr. Shunlin Liang, Dr. Mengxue Li, and the Office of China Affairs of UMD (OCA).

Dr. Sun has done intensive teaching at BNU on the Introduction of Computable Genreal Equilibrium Model (CGE) and Structural Decomposition Analysis (SDA) and Application, organized by the School of Environment of BNU. He has worked with mainly PhD students and young scholars from BNU's Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Agricultural University, and China University of Geosciences. Additionally, Dr. Sun will attend the Chinese Academy of Engineering International Summit Forum and the 20th Anniversary of PACE Association on "Innovative Technology of Watershed Ecological Engineering and Environmental Management," delivering a keynot presentation. This forum is co-organized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Beijing Normal University.

The Center's journal, Energy, Ecology and Environment, published with Springer, offers a discipline-spanning forum for investigating shortages of natural resources, impacts on ecosystems and deterioration of the natural environment.