Projects related to Human Dimensions of Global Change – Coupled Human and Natural Systems

Project Namesort ascending Project Sponsor Principal Investigator
US forest disturbance history from Landsat: North American Forest Dynamics (NAFD) - Phase III NASA Goward, Samuel N.
The Intersection of Place Attachment, Aspirations, and Rapidly Changing Environments on Decisions to Support Resettlement NSF Silva, Julie A.
Spurring a Transformation for Agriculture through Remote Sensing (STARS) University of Twente Dempewolf, Jan
Socio-Economic Impacts, Human Vulnerability Data, and the Namibian Early Flood Warning SensorWeb Pilot Project NASA Silva, Julie A.
Social drivers of land cover change around African transboundary Peace Parks NASA Loboda, Tatiana V.
Sacred Space Geores, Martha
Role of North America forest disturbance and regrowth In NACP: Integrated analyzes of Landsat and U.S. Forest Service FIA data - Phase II NASA Goward, Samuel N.
NASA South/Southeast Asia Research Initiative (SARI) NASA Vadrevu, Krishna
Monitoring Environmental Shocks on Food Prices USAID, WFP Brown, Molly
Monitoring and forecasting chimpanzee habitat health in Africa to inform conservation actions, strategies & measure success NASA Hansen, Matthew C.
LCLUC Synthesis: Forested land cover and land use change in the Far East of the Northern Eurasia under the combined drivers of climate and socio-economic transformation. University of Michigan Loboda, Tatiana V.
Land-Use Planning in the Maringa-Lopori-Wamba Landscape, Democratic Republic of the Congo United States Agency for International Development Nackoney, Janet
Investigating the Dynamic Intersections Among Economic Development, Urbanization, and Forest Degradation NSF Silva, Julie A.
Integrating Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services into Sustainable Global Climate Mitigation Scenarios NSF (SESYNC) Hurtt, George
In God we Trust: Creation of Protected Areas by Religious Organizations Geores, Martha
Improving the Representation of Human-Earth System Interactions DOE ,
Evidence and action for malaria elimination in Myanmar Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Loboda, Tatiana V.
Ethnic Migration ,
Earth Science Data Records of Global Forest Cover Change NASA Townshend, John R.
Combining Satellite Data and Models to Assess the Impacts of Urbanization on the Continental U.S. Surface Climate. (NASA IDS Grant. PI: Lahouari Bounoua) NASA ,