Projects related to Carbon, Vegetation Dynamics and Landscape-Scale Processes

Project Namesort ascending Project Sponsor Principal Investigator
US forest disturbance history from Landsat: North American Forest Dynamics (NAFD) - Phase III NASA Goward, Samuel N.
Total Carbon Estimation in African Mangroves and Coastal Wetlands in Preparation for REDD and Blue Carbon Credits NASA ,
Synthesis of forest growth, response to wildfires and carbon storage for Russian forests University of Virginia Loboda, Tatiana V.
Spurring a Transformation for Agriculture through Remote Sensing (STARS) University of Twente Dempewolf, Jan
Sentinel 3 Science Products: a US contribution NASA Justice, Christopher
Role of North America forest disturbance and regrowth In NACP: Integrated analyzes of Landsat and U.S. Forest Service FIA data - Phase II NASA Goward, Samuel N.
Quantifying long-term impacts of single and repeated wildfire burning in North American tundra on organic soil carbon stocks and ecosystem functioning NASA Loboda, Tatiana V.
Quantification of Land-Use/Land-Cover Change as Driver of Earth System Dynamics DOE Hurtt, George
NASA South/Southeast Asia Research Initiative (SARI) NASA Vadrevu, Krishna
Monitoring and forecasting chimpanzee habitat health in Africa to inform conservation actions, strategies & measure success NASA Hansen, Matthew C.
Linking carbon and water dynamics in the pursuit of predicting peat collapse in coastal blue carbon wetlands NASA Lagomasino, David
Land-Use Planning in the Maringa-Lopori-Wamba Landscape, Democratic Republic of the Congo United States Agency for International Development Nackoney, Janet
Land Cover Indicators for U.S. National Climate Assessments NASA Channan, Saurabh
Integration of long term Landsat observations with DESDynI measurements for monitoring terrestrial carbon flux within and beyond the DESDynI mission NASA Huang, Chengquan
Improving the Representation of Human-Earth System Interactions DOE ,
Impacts and Implications of Increased Fire in Tundra Regions of North America Michigan Technological Research Institute Loboda, Tatiana V.
High-Resolution Carbon Modeling and Monitoring: Continuing Prototype Development, Research, and Scoping NASA Hurtt, George
Enabling Centralized Access to Land Cover Data for Climate Change Integrated Assessment Modeling NASA Channan, Saurabh
Ecosystem Disturbance and Fire: Patterns, Trends, and Greenhouse Gas Consequences USGS Huang, Chengquan
Earth Science Data Records of Global Forest Cover Change NASA Townshend, John R.
DC-8-based Observations of Atmospheric CO2 in Support of the SEAC4RS and DC3 Regional Studies. NASA Vadrevu, Krishna
Combining Satellite Data and Models to Assess the Impacts of Urbanization on the Continental U.S. Surface Climate. (NASA IDS Grant. PI: Lahouari Bounoua) NASA ,
Assessment of GOSAT/TANSO-FTS CO2 Variations In Relation To Biomass Burning and Vegetation Fires. JAXA, Japan Vadrevu, Krishna
Assessing the Impacts of Fire and Insect Disturbance on the Terrestrial Carbon Budgets of Forested Areas in Canada, Alaska, and the Western United States NASA Kasischke, Eric S.
A Framework for High-Resolution Estimation of Terrestrial Carbon Stocks and Dynamics NASA Dubayah, Ralph